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 Welcome To Tri-Star Promotion Fundraising page. We have been in business since 1993 and we are ready to serve your every 'Fundraising' need. Check out our web site or our companion site We accept Checks and all major credit cards and School Purchase Orders. Please call to request a free brochure of the fundraiser you are interested in. We will help you make the money you need for your project!

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 Spring Planting Bulbs that Bloom Summer Autum

*Elf Lillie Pictured


 Greeting Spring Easter Candy


*Easter Candy brochure pictured

   18 Varieties / 4 color brochure

Retail for $6.00

Sell March to June

Plant in Spring/Bloom in Summer

50% Profit & Free Delivery

  19 items

Retail for $5.00

Sell Spring Time

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Chocolate/Cheese/Nuts/Sausage/Jelly Beans/Sour Worms

50% Profit & Free Delivery


FALL Planting Bulbs that Bloom in SPRING

*Tulip Pictured


 Country Garden

Holiday Cheese & Sausage


*Beef Summer Sausage Pictured

   18 Varieties

Retail for $6.00

Sell September to December

Plant in Fall/Bloom in Spring

50% Profit & Free Delivery


Sell Fall or Spring

Cheese Spreads / Sausage Sticks

50% Profit & Free Delivery

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 12 Flavors

Sell Anytime especially Fall

3 Pound Tubs

Free Shipping with 512 tub order!

 Snack Favorites

23 items

$5.00 Retail

50% Profit


 Frozen Cookie Dough

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